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Dart Boards

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Sports Deluxe Bristle Board Dartboard Cabinet Set:

  • DMI Darts Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set with Rosewood Finish
  • It includes an official 18" x 1-1/2" bristle dartboard and two sets of darts
  • Chalk scoreboards on the inside of each door allow for easy scoring


Bullshooter CricketMaxx 5.0 Electronic Dartboard & Cabinet Set

Dart Board

Bullshooter CricketMaxx 5.0 electronic dartboard with cabinet from Arachnid®. Get everything you need to play a great game of electronic darts in one place with this combo!

  • 26”L x 6”D x 24”H wood cabinet
  • 13-1/2” E-bristle target that plays both steel and soft tip darts
  • Oversized door mounted LED CricketMaxx X/O display
  • Additional LED scoring on top of the board
  • Dart storage
  • 6 steel tip darts
  • 6 soft tip darts
  • Extra tips
  • Mounting hardware
  • AC adapter
  • Instructions and operating manual
  • Solo play feature
  • Heckler® feature
  • 37 games with 210 variations, including: 301, 41, Advanced Battleground, Advanced Cricket, All Fives, Baseball, Battleground, Big Six, Bowling, Car Rallying, Cat & Mouse, Casino A - Flush, Casino B - Straight, Casino C – 3-Star, Count Up, Cricket, Cutthroat Cricket, Double Down, Double Down, Elimination, English Cricket, Football, Fox Hunt, Green vs. Red, Gold Hunting, Golf, High Score, Horseshoes, Killer, Nine Dart Century, No Score Cricket, Overs, Paintball, Scram, Shanghai, Shooter, Shove A Penny, Steeplechase, Round-the-Clock, Unders, and Warfare.