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Delivery and Setup Process

Most Billiard businesses out-source their installs, so that they are not liable if something goes wrong. We do not out-source our installs; so you can be assured, your safety and our safety is always our top priority! We also stand bebind our installs 100%


First, we deliver your new table in either our secured Sprinter Vans Or Box Truck.

Kincaid Moving Truck


Second, we help you determine the best location for your table and level the frame.


 Third, we place the slate onto the frame.


Fourth, we level the slate using an extremely accurate machinist level (+-.003).



Fifth, we beeswax the seams between the slate to ensure perfect match between the slate.

Bonding Slate Seams

bond slate seams


Sixth, we install the Cloth.


Finally, we finish the assembly of the table.


Once we complete the assembly process, it's time to play!

From start to finish usually takes 1.5 to 3 hours