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Kincaid Table Construction Details

We understand that most people are looking for a high quality piece of furniture that can be handed down for generations. A table that doesn't lose half of its value the day it is delivered to your home or business. A table that is the focal point in a room. A table that takes all of your Friends excuses away when you beat them because it plays like a pro table. This is why we spent hours researching tables to determine the best table money can buy. We believe Kincaid Tables offer the highest quality at the fairest price on the market.

And don't forget, Kincaid's tables meets or exceeds all BCA tournament standards.

Kincaid Pool Tables

VIDEO of Kincaid Frames


 First, "The 100% Solid Wood Cabinet".

Solid wood with four beam cross structure.



Steel Reinenforced.




 Solid Wood Rails.

Video Compare Kincaid to Diamond Rails

Pool Table Rails


Solid Wood Legs

The Cabinet is the foundation of the table and if the cabinet is not durable and built correctly, the table will sag over time or even worst, collapse. This is why Kincaid pool tables, unlike their competitors, do not use low quality wood products such as pressed wood or melamine. Kincaid only uses natural wood, such as maple, with tight grain structures because of the exceptional durability and stability these types of wood species provides. In addition, all Kincaid pool tables have their own style and characteristics to blend with any style of decor, furnishings, and architecture. It is important to note that the leather tooling and other decorative finishes on Kincaid tables have been carved by hand, by artisans known for the quality of their work.


 Second, "The 3 Piece Diamond-Honed Matched 1" Slate"

Smooth and Flat Slate

Wood Backed slate provides the best surface for perfect leveling.

BCA requires True 1" thick slate


Only three piece tables allow the installer to perfectly level your table and that is why Kincaid uses 1", 3 piece matched (meaning that the three individual sections were cut from the same slab for a perfect match from piece to piece) slate from the highest quality diamond-honined slate which results in a smooth, level playing surface. _______________________________________________________

 Third, "The Rail Cushions"

We have two cushion brands to choose from. Championship and our own brand Kincaid. Both are very good cushions, however, Championship is the choice of many profectionals. The Kincaid cushion come with a 15 Year warranty where as the Championship cushion comes with a 30 Year Warranty.


Like all other components of our tables, Kincaid uses rubber cushions of the highest quality. Our cushions are canvas-backed and are composed of a high-performance 100% gum rubber that provides a high accuracy rebound. All our rails are manufactured from solid wood and securely fastened to the frame so as to transmit without loss or distortion the exact bounce on the ball for perfect accuracy.

Cushion Warrantly:

Kincaid Cushions come standard with a LIFE TIME Warranty.

Upgrade to Championship Tour Edition Cushions with a LIFE TIME Warranty.


 Fourth, "The Mother-of-Pearl Sights"


Kincaid only uses pearl for the sights which offers a long lasting beautiful contrast to the rail wood finish.

Top and bottom rails are fastened , solid hardwoods strengthened by T-nut rail construction, which eliminates movement and provides precise alignment. Add our High compressed k66 cushions and you are guaranteed consistent and more accurate play.


Fifth, "Leather Pockets"